Engine Fleet Planning and Costing (EFPAC)

Reduce annual engine maintenance shop visit costs up to 15%

Engine Fleet Planning and Costing (EFPAC) helps Airlines, MROs, and Lessors build efficient shop visit plans by considering operational, technical, and financial data while updating plans easily in seconds. EFPAC is not just a planning tool, it is a complete engine lifecycle management tool that helps operators save money. 

One of the most significant cost-generating activities in aircraft maintenance is engine restorations and rebuilds. Engines are rebuilt for various reasons, including scheduled maintenance activities such as degradation, unscheduled maintenance activity such as bird hits, and end of lease activities. Operators strive to reduce the number of engine removals and shop visits. Removing an engine off-wing is time-consuming in itself, and every time an engine goes into the shop, it could cost millions of dollars in restoration. 

EFPAC solves the complexity of manually creating shop visit plans. It is an application that considers all removal drivers, operational constraints, and, most importantly, shop visit costs while building shop visit plans.  

EFPAC at-a-glance

Engine Fleet Planning and Costing Benefits

  • Planning and Forecast

    • Build a shop visit forecast 5, 10, or 20 years into the future or for the lifecycle of the engine
    • Develop what-if scenarios to identify savings opportunities or cost implications
    • Maximize engine green time
    • Reduce the time required to make changes to a removal forecast
    • Incorporate new aircraft deliveries into the forecast
    • Plan APUs, landing gear, and thrust reversers in a single forecast 
    • Manage on-wing as well as spare engine requirements 
    • Plan phasing out a fleet and how many shop visits are required to keep the fleet operational
    • Easy reporting and information sharing internally as well as with 3rd party MRO providers 
    • Integrate with existing technical records systems
  • Shop Visit Plans

    • Create and update efficient shop visit scope and plans in minutes
    • Make a creative shop visit plan - do removals on a Friday
    • Incorporate all shop visit drivers into the shop visit plan, including lease return dates and conditions
    • Create a single shop visit plan that includes engines, landing gears, APUs, thrust reversers, propellers, and more
  • Financial

    • Reduce costs through efficient planning
    • Understand the financial impact of operational decisions
    • Provide complete budget control and long-term visibility on the most cost generating maintenance activity
    • Combine budget forecasts for multiple fleets
    • Determine which engines are the best candidates for sale
    • Understand the financial impact of leasing additional spares for a specific time period
  • Strategic Decisions

    • Determine the best engine type for a new aircraft
    • Select the best engine for lease to a customer
    • Compare “time and materials” against “power by the hour”
    • Impact of a new airworthiness directive to an existing plan