Korean Air adopts Boeing’s Insight Accelerator for enhanced predictive maintenance

Boeing Insight Accelerator

In a move to harness the full potential of predictive maintenance, Korean Air will begin using Boeing’s advanced analytics Insight Accelerator solution for its entire 787 fleet.

Boeing and Korean Air will begin working together to interpret Quick Access Recorder/Continuous Parameter Logging (QAR/CPL) full flight data to identify patterns of part degradation or failure and leverage powerful machine learning capabilities to drive more informed fleet maintenance decisions.

Korean Air recently formed a Predictive Maintenance Team within its Engineering division, reflecting their commitment to continuous improvement and transformation in fleet maintenance operations.

“Our team recognized the capabilities of Boeing’s Insight Accelerator to provide augmented analytics capabilities and statistical analysis, along with the ability to customize alerting unique to our operation,” said Mr. Jonghoon OH, General Manager - Predictive Maintenance Team, Korean Air. “We look forward to working with the Boeing team to apply this tool to help us minimize unscheduled maintenance events, as we increase our efforts to greatly improve efficiency in our maintenance operations.”

By transforming unscheduled maintenance events into planned ones, the airline can significantly reduce Aircraft on Ground (AOG) incidents, ensuring more timely flights, improved efficiencies and extended aircraft service life.


Insight Accelerator is the first of its kind to offer “do-it-yourself” custom alerting with no required programming or coding experience. Its ease-of-use will enable Korean Air to create effective algorithms for prognostic insights, saving them time and money by avoiding unwanted maintenance related disruptions to their operation.

Also, Insight Accelerator can seamlessly integrate with Boeing’s Airplane Health Management solution, already in use by Korean Air, offering a more comprehensive platform for alert monitoring.

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