Recovering flight service levels: Boeing flight data analytics services continue to improve airline efficiency through enhanced decision-making




I’d like to share some thoughts on the power of analytics services as a foundation for airline operations. As airlines continue to face operational challenges to recover and grow service levels in the near-term, lower operational costs and improved efficiency are essential. Handling the growing volumes of data generated by each flight also creates increased complexity to manage in today’s flight operations environment. With that in mind, Boeing’s flight data analytics products and services are designed to provide a foundation to gain valuable insights that lead to increased cost savings and maximized revenue, harnessing the power of full flight data.

To help airlines better understand how Boeing’s flight data analytics tools work together to encourage better decision making through data analysis, we have created a new area of our site for Boeing Flight Data Analytics. Here, you can view solutions and capabilities integrated on the flight data analytics platform that help airlines operate more efficiently in today’s challenging aviation business landscape.

For Boeing’s airline customers, the new area of the site also includes archived versions of the popular webinar topics that are available by registering to view the content. These webinars highlight several of our key flight data analytics solutions integrated on our platform that help deliver resonating results for airline operations. Webinar content areas include discussion of integrated operations, fuel efficiency, emissions management, flight operations quality assurance (FOQA) and efficient maintenance operations, examined by some of the top thinkers in the industry.

Overall, Boeing’s suite of flight data analytics tools are continuing to expand across the market, as airlines are interested in solutions that help drive gains in productivity. Recently, cargo operator Kalitta Air signed a new contract to receive Fuel Dashboard, a solution that will provide them with a comprehensive, total fleet view of operational fuel consumption that offers broad cost savings opportunities and reduces environmental impact. This is reflective of increasing airline market interest in smart, analytics-based data processing.

Please visit the Boeing Flight Data Analytics page to learn how Boeing can help airlines drive bottom line financial improvements through better decision making driven by data analysis.