The benefit of Fleet Agnostic Solutions in maintenance operations


Simplify and automate maintenance operations with maintenance performance toolbox

The aviation industry is making strides to move towards recovery from the impact of the pandemic. As flight hours increase, maintenance organizations are challenged to improve schedule reliability, increase efficiency, and optimize performance—all while maintaining regulatory compliance.

I believe that digital resources are becoming the key solution for operators who are facing these challenges. Maintenance teams are tasked with creating, managing, distributing, and accessing vast amounts of maintenance information. These tasks are complicated by the composition of today’s fleets, which often include airplanes from various manufacturers both purchased and leased.

Because of the complexity of the fleet, maintenance personnel could spend between 30 to 40 percent of their time researching and documenting maintenance related information. Maintenance documentation is often spread across various systems and applications contributing to decreased productivity. As operators look for ways to adapt to a leaner operational approach, I understand the importance of having quick and unrestricted access to maintenance documentation for the entire fleet.

One tool I believe can help provide assistance is the Maintenance Performance Toolbox application. Our Boeing team created this application with maintenance personnel in mind, as a fleet-wide airplane and engine document management solution. The application enables direct access to maintenance documentation using a modern interface that operates with or without a WiFi connection. Modular options allow teams to integrate and manage critical tasks such as authoring, document management and distribution, task cards and engineering order development, and archives all in one system. Customers have been able to improve turn times, simplify their maintenance operations, and automate workflow after implementing the application.

Maintenance Performance Toolbox is another great example of how we partner with customers to provide digital management solutions that support the entire fleet – solutions that provide a simplified approach with accelerated results.

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