Managed Part and Repair Programs

Aerostructures Exchange Program

Reduce inventory management and repair turnaround time risks

Based on customer feedback and leveraging our 20-year experience in managed repair services, Boeing has developed an exchange program for all 737 MAX unique flight controls and nacelles.

The Aerostructures Exchange Program provides service-level-based access to dispatch-critical aerostructure components with improved capital efficiency and reduced costs of repairs.
Boeing's Aerostructures Exchange Program video cover

Aerostructures Exchange Program benefits

  • Increase capital efficiency

    Decrease airline provisioning expenses of flight controls and nacelles ($12 million to $15 million per shipset), including entry-into-service
  • Improve cost predictability

    Receive transparent pricing, including a fixed monthly pool access fee per airplane
  • Transfer risks to Boeing

    Reduce inventory and repair turnaround liabilities, such as obsolescence and excess inventory
  • Expand your regional pool

    Access Boeing's expanding network of repair stations and warehouses to return your airplane to service quickly
  • Expedite turnaround time

    Decrease shipping costs and times with in-region assets and repair capabilities

Supply network

By participating in this exchange program, you'll benefit from Boeing's expanding supply network to bring components and repair capabilities closer to your airline. North American locations include:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Charleston, SC
  • Dallas, TX
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Wichita, KS

Program features

  • Pool access to 737 MAX flight controls and nacelles
  • 100% Boeing proprietary parts
  • No PMA, USM, or reverse engineering
  • Boeing's support network
  • Repair station partnership with Spirit AeroSystems
  • FAA and EASA certifications

737 MAX parts list

The Boeing Aerostructure Exchange Program provides access to all major 737 MAX unique flight controls and nacelles. Flight controls include winglets, elevators, flaps, spoilers, panels, rudders, and slats. Nacelles include inlets, fan cowls, and thrust reversers.