Maintenance Optimization

Records Management Solution

Simplify records management for daily work as well as major events

In today's global economy, access to standardized, secure technical asset records has never been more critical

Records Management Solutions (RMS) is a proven, cloud-based technical records management solution that enables airplane operators and lessors to manage, protect, and share access to vast quantities of scanned technical records for a leased or owned asset from anywhere and anytime. RMS is the most comprehensive single-source solution for your entire fleet.

RMS reduces operational costs by automating traditionally manually driven records management processes for operators and lessors, including work package reconciliation and important events like end of lease transitions. In addition, this solution ensures the timely availability of records needed to complete airplane or asset transitions successfully. 

Records Management Benefits and Features

  • RMS Features

    • ISO 9001 approved records scanning
    • State of the art optical recognition engine enables quick and easy record search
    • Built-in workflows to automate work processes
    • Sophisticated auto-processing engine for automatic recognition and processing of digital documents
    • Built-in notification system for upstream and downstream notifications
    • Integrates with Asset Management Solution (AMS)
    • Available from the Leasing Dashboard on MyBoeingFleet
    • Unparalleled 24/7 customer support
  • RMS Benefits

    • Simplifies and provides a timely reconciliation of work packages
    • Finds records in seconds using optical character recognition (OCR)
    • Automates the lease transition process
    • Shares records within and outside the organization easily
    • Access records from anywhere at any time