Avionics Upgrade


Comprehensive set of solutions to support all of your avionics modification objectives

Boost efficiency, situational awareness, and optimize operations by upgrading to the latest avionics systems on your Boeing fleet. Our engineering design packages and kits offer avionics upgrades in four key areas: digital communication, navigation, surveillance solutions, and enhanced flight deck displays.

As the OEM, we can achieve the complex systems integrations that are often required and also manage the entire process from consulting and design to validation and certification.

We deliver more than 600 avionics Service Bulletin (SB) solutions every year around the world, which are preferred by regulators over more restrictive supplemental type certificate (STC) solutions. Boeing SB solutions also integrate technical publications, maintenance-related documents, and airworthiness artifact in a manager that minimizes additional recurring maintenance tasks.

Avionics Upgrades benefits

  • Gain efficiency by navigating the best route from airport to airport in all weather conditions
  • Increase awareness and satisfy regulatory requirements with surveillance solutions that include ADS-B Out, TCAS, and MMR
  • Increase pilot effectiveness with the same heads-up and large-display systems used on the 787 Dreamliner
  • Meet your emerging needs with our world-class, 24/7 customer and technical support
  • Asset value retention with our solutions for your leased aircraft
  • Avionics Upgrades

    • ACB’s (Airplane Configuration Bulletin)
    • ADS-B (Automation Dependent Surveillance Broadcast)
    • AIMS 2 (Aircraft Information Management System)
    • ATN (Aeronautical Telecom Network)
    • CAT III A (Category III Autoland Capability)
    • CVMS (Cabin Video Monitoring System)
    • FANS 2.0 (Future Air Navigation Services)
    • GPS-SU (Global Positioning System Sensor Unit)
    • LFULD (Low Frequency Underwater Locator Device)
    • SATCOM (Satellite Communications)