Data analytics offers valuable flight operations insights for airlines

Airlines across the world are dealing with exponential data growth and are looking to easily identify ways to improve flight operations and increase overall operational efficiencies.

Digging deeper, data collected from in-flight operations is the industry gold standard. This is the foundation from which we have built our Boeing Flight Data Analytics - Flight Operational Quality Assurance/Flight Data Monitoring (FOQA/FDM) solution. FOQA/FDM helps uncover key findings derived from full flight data by leveraging advanced analytics capabilities.

Okay, but how does FOQA/FDM work? The Boeing FOQA/FDM solution is a key component of an airline’s Safety department. This robust solution handles recorded flight data from tens of thousands of flights from aircraft of any size so you can better understand how your flights are being operated and where enhancements can be made. FOQA/FDM delivers traditional single event analysis and monitoring, as well as advanced safety analytics for exploring trends across all flights.
"FOQA/FDM enables you to confidently analyze and proactively address common events that have greatest impact to your flight operations."

Integration with multiple related databases offers greater context and better understanding of factors that potentially put an operation at risk, such as airport conditions and weather. FOQA/FDM enables you to confidently analyze and proactively address common events that have greatest impact to your flight operations. This includes hard landings, high altitude upsets, tail strikes, unstable approaches and runway overruns. Its cloud-based architecture is designed with the highest level of security and privacy protection of sensitive flight data.

If your airline is looking to take its operations to the next level of efficiency and safety using the power of advanced data analytics, let us know. FOQA/FDM puts the power of advanced data science to work, providing insight into today’s operations more quickly and reliably, while extracting new insights for tomorrow. FOQA/FDM is part of our full Flight Data Analytics Suite of solutions that integrate advanced analytics capabilities around a common flight data processing core. We’ll work with you to see how best FOQA/FDM can meet your needs – now and for the future.

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