Fleet Reliability Services

Reliability services that allow proactive engagement versus reactive

A cost effective way to extend your team, mitigate program costs and risks

Boeing’s fleet reliability services help airlines maximize their in-service availability. Airlines are often busy managing the emergent day to day operations of their fleets, leaving less time for the deep-dive trend analysis. Our fleet reliability services provide a means of additional technical depth to supplement your workforce that will allow your operations the unique advantage of the world fleet perspective and direct OEM engineering knowledge. The advantages are improved planning, proactive and prioritized maintenance with improved performance based on your unique operational characteristics and goals.

Fleet Reliability Services Benefits

  • A full range of modular reliability solutions tailored to increase the reliability of your fleet
  • Advanced prognostics enable a customer to plan component replacement in advance of its pending failure, reducing schedule interruptions
  • Our engineering team has a holistic fleet view, allowing for proven beneficial actions.
  • Maintenance schedule analysis to improve fleet reliability and reduce time spent in maintenance.
  • Our reliability services allow airlines to focus on critical day-to-day operations and emergent issues. Our engineers focus on time-consuming and repetitive trend analysis.
  • Improve reliability through faster service literature incorporation.

Fleet Reliability Services Features

Our team consists of highly skilled engineers and project managers with varying backgrounds in engineering within Boeing and at airlines, MROs, and suppliers. With over 300 years of cumulative experience, our engineers know what it takes to keep you flying.

787 Managed Analytics
An advanced engineering service that integrates customer operational, global fleet, and OEM data to provide proven, data driven decisions for airlines to meet their operational performance objectives. As your objectives change over time, our service is flexible and adaptive to those changes. 787 Managed Analytics also incorporates advanced data analytics to develop component failure prognostics allowing you to see the problem before it impacts your operations.

Monitoring Support
A service identical to Managed Analytics, excluding the advanced prognostics.

Service Literature Recommendations
Boeing service literature analysis and implementation recommendations based on aircraft applicability and performance goals.

Maintenance Schedule Opportunities
Flight schedule analysis and recommendations for incorporating maintenance operations into the flying schedule.

Both 787 Managed Analytics and Monitoring Support provide the full suite of fleet reliability services.


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