SAUDIA pursues fleet reliability with expanded suite of Boeing engineering services

SAUDIA has selected Boeing’s engineering services to improve fleet reliability for their 787 Dreamliner and 777 fleets. Boeing’s Managed Analytics and Monitoring Support solutions will allow the early identification of maintenance schedule opportunities from operational and fleet data, broader trends analyses by Boeing’s Airline Engineering Services team, and service literature recommendations tailored to the SAUDIA fleet and operation. For SAUDIA’s 787 fleet, Boeing will also look for opportunities to identify prognostics and customized maintenance optimization recommendations from analysis of ground, maintenance planning and flight planning data.

“At SAUDIA, we continue to invest in digital tools that leverage the capabilities of our modern and technologically advanced fleet to increase operational efficiency, fleet utilization and ultimately on-time performance,” said Mr. Ahmed Alwassiah, Chief Operating Officer, SAUDIA. “Managed Analytics and Monitoring Support represent the logical next steps in our collaboration with Boeing as we look to save time and optimize our operation.”

These services leverage Boeing’s engineering and consulting expertise to maximize the capabilities of SAUDIA’s existing digital infrastructure, and the capabilities of the 787 and 777. SAUDIA will further drive maintenance and operational efficiency from the Boeing digital analytics products it added in 2021. For both platforms, SAUDIA is utilizing Boeing’s Optimized Maintenance Program (OMP), which uses advanced data analytics to provide detailed insights for improved maintenance operations, and Boeing’s Airplane Health Management (AHM), which applies predictive maintenance analytics and diagnostic tools to help improve the quality and speed of maintenance decisions.

“We have long been working with SAUDIA to enable predictive maintenance capabilities that optimize operational efficiency and fleet reliability,” said Greg Urbina, Airline Engineering Services Senior Manager, Boeing. “Our Engineering Services team is in a unique position to be able to identify maintenance reliability improvement opportunities and recommendations based on analysis of the data SAUDIA is already collecting as well as the broader trends it monitors across the global in-service fleets of 777 and 787 airplanes.”

Boeing will also begin delivering time savings in the form of monthly service literature recommendations tailored to SAUDIA’s fleet and operation.