Shanghai Campus


Boeing Training &
Professional Services

Fourth floor, Shanghai Airlines Training Center
Base 1 Rd (Jidi Yi Lu) K2
Airport Working Area
Shanghai Pudong Airport
Shanghai, 201207, China

Simulators on campus

B737NG (B737-7/8W-F-10)
  • B737-700
  • B737-800W
B737MAX (B737MAX-8-M-04)
  • B737-8
B787 (B787-9-L-05)
  • B787-9

Guest Services

Badges and Security
You will receive your badge on the first day of training. Please wear it at all times at the Flight Services Shanghai Campus. Please present your airline or any photo ID to the Guest Services representative (GSR) so that we can issue your pass.

Please contact Guest Services for banking information. The staff at your accommodations also can advise you about bank hours and services.

The use of personal cameras (both still and video) is not permitted at the Flight Services Shanghai Campus. The only exception is the use of personal cameras to take pictures of fellow classmates in the lobby areas on the fourth floor. Requests for pictures outside this area require special permission. We will work with our students to accommodate these needs.

Class Schedule
Your instructor will give you your class schedule on the first day of training. The availability of simulator times and the number of customers affect class schedules.

Food Services
The nearest cafeteria is approximately 7 minutes walk from the Flight Services Shanghai Campus. Chinese food and beverages are available from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day. Refreshments are served on the second floor and tea and coffee on the second and fourth floors.

Guest Services Representative
The GSR can answer your questions, assist you with lost items, and find storage for your luggage. The GSR can be reached at +86-21-38505000.

Mail and Messages
Mail addressed to customers in care of the Flight Services Shanghai Campus may be delayed. We recommend that your personal mail be sent to the address of your accommodations.

Medical Services
If you become ill during training, please notify your instructor or Guest Services, who can arrange for you to see a doctor. Please be aware that private treatment will be at your expense. For medical emergencies that occur away from the Boeing Flight Services Shanghai Campus, call 120.

Near the Shanghai Hilton Hotel
For emergency and routine care

Huashun (Huashan) Worldwide Medical Center (Foreigner)
Building 1, 8F (outpatient) building 6, 15F and 16F (inpatient)
12 Wulumuqi Zhong Road +86-21-62483986
Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics1139 Xian Xia Rd+86-21-22163900

For dental treatment
DDS Dental Care PuXi ClinicB1-05 Evergo Tower,1325 HuaiHai Middle Road and 1 BaoQing Road, Shanghai+86-21-54652678

Near the Boeing Shanghai Campus
For dental treatment and routine care

ParkwayHealth Medical and Dental Centers
JinMao Tower Medical Center
JLIFE Podium Building Jin
Mao T+86-21-64455999
Parkway Health Medical and Dental Centers:
Jin Qiao Clinic 51 Hongfeng Lu Jin Qiao, Pudong+86-21-64455999

For emergency care
Shanghai East International Medical Center
551 South Pudong Road+86-21-58799999
In a medical situation, call ISOS at +86 (0) 10-6462-9100
if possible, and they will direct you to the most appropriate medical facility.

Your safety while at the Shanghai Campus is important to us. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Guest Services.

Take responsibility for knowing what to do in the event of an evacuation or shelter-in-place. Shelter-in-place is an event when it is safer to stay inside in a designated area, such as a conference room, away from external hazards. Please see the Building Evacuation Map and Evacuation Plan for more information.

Hazardous Areas
Do not enter the simulator bay floors or HPU rooms, because they are potentially hazardous areas. Obey all signs and barriers designed to keep you safe from hazards. InjuriesIf you are injured while on campus, first aid is available on the fourth floor lounge and pantry. For serious injuries and medical emergencies, call 119. Report all injuries to Guest Services.

Overhead Cranes
The simulator bays are equipped with overhead cranes. In the event of crane use, do not enter the crane operating envelope.

Smoking Policy
There is no smoking on the fourth floor however, there is a specific smoking room on the second floor.

Transportation is available to and from some accommodations near Flight Services. If you need assistance arranging private transportation during your stay, call the GSR or ask the staff at your accommodations. The GSR is knowledgeable about local public and private transportation. Personal and rental vehicles are allowed. Parking lots are provided at Flight Services Shanghai Campus.

Travel and Ticket Arrangements
If you need to change your airline reservation, please call the airline. We regret we are unable to make your personal travel arrangements.

Guest Services Reception
Guest Services can be reached by phone at +86-21-38505000.The staff can offer you these services:
Preparing your visitor’s access pass for the Flight Services Shanghai Campus.
Assisting you with transportation needs to and from the Flight Services Shanghai Campus.
Helping direct you with simple banking transactions and passport and visa matters.
Providing information regarding sightseeing tours and other activities.
Handling personal messages for you while you are at the Flight Services Shanghai Campus.
Assisting you with obtaining medical services.

Passports and Visas
If you are a visitor to this country, you are required to carry your passport at all times during your stay. If your visa expires before you complete your training and you need a visa extension, please contact the GSR. You will be responsible for any fees involved in obtaining or extending your visa.

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